The Different Types of Light Switches and Where You Can Use Them

Whenever you look outside in your neighbourhood at night, you always see beautiful lights all over. The electrical lights not only add beauty but are also for security purposes. Now, controlling the lights in your house requires you to have quality light switches Australia. It’s just with a light switch that you’re able to turn your lights on and off during the night and day respectively.

Can you imagine what it would be like if there were no switches? Unimaginable right? Now, as we all know, we have different lights in our homes. For example, you have the table room lights, bedroom lights, bathroom lights, security lights and the landscape lights. To control the different lights installed in our houses, we need different types of light switches.

Let’s take an easy example, the light switch that you use in your living room and the kitchen is different from the switch that you use in your bedroom and bathroom. What is the difference?

In your living room and kitchen, you need maximum light so that you can be able to carry on with activities even at night. For example, you might be sitting in your living room and reading your favourite magazine or newspaper. Now in such cases, you need maximum lighting. Now when we talk of the bedroom and the bathroom, it’s a different one.

You do not need to have a bright light in your bathroom and bedroom. It’s of no use. All you need is to create a peaceful and relaxing mood using the lights, and in this case, you need a dimmer switch. With a dimmer switch, you’re able to vary the lights in your bathroom and bedroom to create that unique mood you want.

Also, when it comes to the lights in your landscape, you need a completely different light switch. If your landscape lights are switched on from your outdoor area like say on your pergola, carport or near the garage, then you must ensure that the light switch you installed is weatherproof. This is because the switch can be exposed to harsh weather elements like for example rain.

In order to avoid damages and accidents, the switch should be waterproof. As you can see, there are different light switches Australia that you can install in your home or business building. It all depends on the purpose and where you want to install the switch.

If you’re doing a replacement or having a wiring project, you should first know which type of light switch you need and then purchase from reputable dealers. There are many light switch suppliers in Adelaide and finding the best is essential. Be sure that you are buying from dealers that can offer you warranty and also affordable products. They should also deal with quality brands. This way, you can feel safe using your switches and get value for your investment.