The Troubletwisters series by Garth Nix and Sean Williams

TroubleTwisters by Garth Nix and Sean Williams
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TroubleTwisters Book One

When their home mysteriously explodes around their ears, twins Jack and Jaide are sent to stay with a grandmother they have never met, in a town they have never heard of. Portland might seem boring and quiet, but it soon becomes apparent that Grandma X is more than a little eccentric, and there are very strange happenings in the town. Talking cats, swarms of cockroaches, a miniature tornado trashing their room - the twins are about to find out what it means to be a troubletwister!

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After The Evil's assault on Portland, everything returns to relative normality...for the moment. The twins continue to work hard to control their Gifts, and at school they make a new friend, Tara. But then the instruments in Grandma X's antique store begin registering Evil activity, and Tara's dad turns out to be the suspicious big-city property developer working on the house next door. Matters turn from bad to worse when the twins discover that Grandma's cats are fighting an important battle of their own. Can the twins solve the mystery of the living Ward before it's too late?

The Monster: Troubletwisters Book 2
The Mystery of the Golden Card: Troubletwisters 3

When eccentric Young Master Rourke dies in suspicious circumstances, troubletwisters Jack and Jaide are sent on a mission by their father to retrieve a lost Golden Card from somewhere within the vast Rourke estate. But secret agents for The Evil are also in pursuit of the card, and the troubletwister twins know that whoever finds it first will gain access to a Gift more powerful or terrible than any other. Together they negotiate secret passages, talking parrots and animated suits of armour, while trying to control their own fledgling Gifts. It rapidly becomes impossible to know who to trust and who might be an agent - even among those closest to them.

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Missing, Presumed Evil: Troubletwisters 4

Trouble is looming over the quiet coastal town of Portland. A door has been opened to the Evil Dimension, and twins Jack and Jaide are about to face their greatest challenge ever... Jack and Jaide Shield finally learn what it means to be a warden in training as they pit their wits and gifts against mysterious fellow troubletwister Stefano Battaglio. But the competition soon gets serious when a way is opened to the dangerous realm of the Evil. Grandma X discovers her twin sister, Lottie, is stranded there - but she's forbidden from travelling through the vortex to look for her. That doesn't stop Jaide and Jack from trying, and the rescue becomes urgent when the twins find out about a plan that will trap Lottie on the other side forever. Can the twins find Lottie, defeat the Evil and get everyone safely home to Portland - before it's too late?

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