What to Know about Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is a necessary task but not very exciting to do. In fact, when it comes to house renovation Adelaide, this is probably the most critical task that needs to be done ahead of projects such as installing the dry walls. Of course, there will be some instances when it isn’t necessary to replace the roof. For example, if you’re planning on tearing the entire home down, then obviously you need not replace the roof, and the same is the case when doing a complete stripping or rebuilding of the roof otherwise known as re-roofing.

However, in case roof replacement Adelaide is required, then it is essential to start off by finding out which the best materials are which in turn will depend on locality and also individual tastes. Asphalt composition shingles are an excellent choice, and they are affordable and easy to find, though not very attractive. Wood shakes offer attractiveness, but come at a higher cost. Metal roofing is commonly used, and they require specialist installation methods.

Costs are another important aspect to roof replacement, and here there is a lot of variation on account of the type of roofing material used. Also, the costs vary on account of the kind of roofing contractor employed and they also depend on the pitch of the roof as well as an area that is to be covered, and there are various other factors as well that will affect the overall cost.

Under normal circumstances, roof replacement costs will amount to about five thousand dollars and more.

Besides costs, be sure also to learn up the common terminologies used in roof replacement work which include terms such as vent, square, and composition. Square refers to units measuring 100 square feet while vents run along the roof ridge and their primary purpose is to expel heat and vapour. Composition is another name for asphalt shingles.

You might be wondering which the best time to replace the roof is. Most people believe that this is a job that can only be performed in the summer months, but they can be done even if weather conditions are wet. Even so, the important issue is to ensure that installed areas must be bone dry before installing the covered layers.

The actual roof replacement process begins by removing every shingle. Next, it may be necessary to do some minor kinds of roof repairs such as replacing old wood with plywood or other wood that works well on your roof. Next, do the installation of ice dam protection and then lay down some asphalt paper. Follow that up by applying the shingles from the eaves and then move upward. Be sure also to do the flashing of areas where potential leaks can develop. And, then do the installation of the ridge vents.

All these steps can help in roof replacement Adelaide that is of a moderate size, and the entire task can be completed within three to four days. As you can see, these steps are easy to follow and once done properly will undoubtedly fix up any problems in the roof of a home.